GO! Chinese Workbook Level 500 (Simplified Chinese Character)

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The Go! Chinese Workbook supplements the Textbook; it provides exercises that are closely linked to the content of each lesson to allow students to review and solidify their understanding of the lessons learnt in the classroom.

Besides traditional exercises on phonetic (pinyin), Chinese radicals, vocabulary and grammar that help students build a strong foundation in the language, the Workbook also offers students with interesting and challenging opportunities to learn Chinese language through problem-solving tasks such as cross-word puzzles, composing short conversations, and answering questions involving the interpretation of graphs or pictures.

 The Workbook also provides Chinese character writing worksheets and two sets of review questions

Lesson 1    My Name  我的名字

Lesson 2    My Classmates  我的同学

Lesson 3    My Friends  我的朋友

Lesson 4    My Favorite Books  我爱看的书

Lesson 5    Let's Go to the Market  我们去买菜

Lesson 6    Who Does the Housework  谁来做家务

Lesson 7    Safety in the Kitchen  厨房安全

Lesson 8    My School  我的学校

Lesson 9    Lunar New Year  中国新年

Lesson 10   Interesting Chinese Characters  有趣的中国字

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