Chinese Language for Primary Schools: Textbook 1A

PanPac Education Pte Ltd (Singapore)




The modular approach of this Textbook series caters to different learning abilities.

Each lesson comprises bridging/reinforcement, core and enrichment modules.

Weaker learners study the bridging module in order to help them catch up with the normal learners. All learners are required to study core module. Pupils with higher learning abilities can study the enrichment module to challenge themselves further.


  • Adopts a modular approach and active learning pedagogy.

  • Comprises of Bridging/Reinforcement, Core and Enrichment Modules which can be structured to cater to students of different learning abilities.

  • Provides a range of text type to encourage reading and cultivate students' interest in Chinese Language.

  • Four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are woven in an integrated manner through a variety of activities.

  • Bridging/Reinforcement Modules are suitable for students with little exposure to Chinese language and aim to improve character recognition, listening and speaking skills.

  • Core Modules comprise a variety of reading materials. New characters introduced are categorized into "I can read" and "I can write".

  • Core Modules are also supplemented with activities to help strengthen the core language skills and stimulate thinking and discussion.

  • Enrichment modules provide additional reading passages for students with higher learning abilities to enhance their literary skills.

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