Dora The Explorer - 3 (5 DVDs)

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The highly popular Dora The Explorer is now available in Chinese (and English)!

With this DVD set, your children can enjoy the adventures of Dora and Boots while picking up Chinese at the same time. This set includes 5 DVD discs, with each disc featuring 2 popular episodes. Similar to Dora shows as seen on TV that are primarily in English with a little Spanish, this bilingual DVD set is primarily in Chinese and teaches a few English words. As a result, children who watch this DVD will learn more Chinese. The episodes are about 80% in Chinese and 20% in English. And they are wonderfully produced, as the Chinese voices of Dora and Boots sound just like themselves.

第21集 巧克力树
第22集 我爱你
第23集 帕布罗的魔笛
第24集 树屋派对
第25集 猜谜大王
第26集 暴风雨
第27集 加速Tico
第28集 魔法棒
第29集 遗失的拼图
第30集 寻找娃娃

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