Dora The Explorer - 2 (5 DVDs)

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The highly popular Dora The Explorer is now available in Chinese (and English)!

With this DVD set, your children can enjoy the adventures of Dora and Boots while picking up Chinese at the same time. This set includes 5 DVD discs, with each disc featuring 2 popular episodes. Similar to Dora shows as seen on TV that are primarily in English with a little Spanish, this bilingual DVD set is primarily in Chinese and teaches a few English words. As a result, children who watch this DVD will learn more Chinese. The episodes are about 80% in Chinese and 20% in English. And they are wonderfully produced, as the Chinese voices of Dora and Boots sound just like themselves.

第十一集 Grandma外婆家
第十二集 生日派对
第十三集 胶带
第十四集 蓝色蹦蹦球
第十五集 背包
第十六集 虫虫妈咪历险记
第十七集 蓝鸟宝宝
第十八集 送小星星回家
第十九集 拯救王子
第二十集 青蛙回家

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