Doraemon (36 Anniversary Edition) (6DVDs)

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Doraemon is a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio (the pen name of Hiroshi Fujimoto) and Fujiko A. Fujio (the pen name of Motō Abiko) which later became an anime series and Asian franchise. The series is about a robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy, Nobita Nobi.

The series first appeared in December 1969, when it was published simultaneously in six different magazines. In total, 1,344 stories were created in the original series, which are published by Shogakukan under the Tentōmushi manga brand, extending to forty-five volumes. The volumes are collected in the Takaoka Central Library in Toyama, Japan, where both Fujiko Fujio were born. Viz Media bought the license to the Doraemon manga in the 1990s for an English-language release, but ultimately decided not to publish it due to the possible controversy surrounding its content. However, Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur 2006 (The 26th film in the franchise) got a private screening in Washington D.C. in November 2008.


A majority of Doraemon episodes are comedies with moral lessons regarding values such as integrity, perseverance, courage, family and respect for elders. Several noteworthy environmental issues are often visited, including homeless animals, global warming, endangered species, deforestation, and pollution. Topics such as dinosaurs, the flat Earth theory, wormhole traveling, Gulliver's Travels, and the history of Japan are often covered.

这绝对是一部永远的经典,不朽的传说。能拿出各种神奇道具的多啦 A梦也不知吸引了几代的少年儿童,伴着那每年一部的剧场长篇的放映,我想它的神话必将继续下去……

机器猫的创造要追溯到1970年的某个截稿日,大师藤子不二雄的家里突然闯进了一只小猫,虽然很快就要截稿了,但大师还是和小猫玩了起来,还替小猫挠虱 子,而这一挠就是几个小时,等大师发现时间不够用的时候,已经来不及完成稿子了,这是老师像热锅上的蚂蚁走来走去,突然踢倒了女儿的不倒翁玩具,于是老师 灵光一显,把猫的形象和不倒翁结合了起来,就创造除了带给我们欢乐的机器猫

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