Frog and His Friends, Volume One (12 Books with Pinyin )

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The 12-book series is written by Max Velthuijs, who is now considered to be one of Holland's most important creators of children's books. He won many awards, including the highly prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 2004.

This is a help to the child's  psycho-educational story of spiritual growth. Each story reveals some important natural theme, full of imagination.

This gift package includes 12 books: 
  1. I just like me: learn confidence
  2. Special day: learn to love life
  3. Find a good friend: learn to cherish friendship
  4. Frog and Treasure: learn to overcome difficulties
  5. Frog and the Stranger: learn to accept people different from you
  6. Frog is frightened: learn to overcome fear
  7. Frog and the Birdsong: learn to cherish life
  8. Frog in Love: learn to give love and accept love
  9. Frog in Winter: learn to care about others
  10. Frog in Sad: learn to make ourselves happy
  11. Frog is Hero: learn to help and self-help
  12. Frog Goes Traveling: learn to contact with the outside world 




 作者马克斯·维尔修思是一位备受国际推崇的儿童插图画家。本套图书曾获荷兰Golden Pencil大奖、法国Prix de Treize大奖、德国Bestlist Award大奖、美国Graphic Award大奖

  1. 我就是喜欢我:学会对自己有信心(注音版)
  2. 特别的日子:学会热爱生活(注音版)
  3. 找到一个好朋友:学会珍惜友情(注音版)
  4. 弗洛格找宝藏:学会战胜困难(注音版)
  5. 弗洛格和陌生人:学会接纳与自己不一样的人(注音版)
  6. 弗洛格吓坏了:学会战胜恐惧(注音版)
  7. 鸟儿在歌唱:学会珍爱生命(注音版)
  8. 爱的奇妙滋味:学会给予爱和接受爱(注音版)
  9. 冬天里的弗洛格:学会关爱别人(注音版)
  10. 难过的弗洛格:学会让自己快乐(注音版)
  11. 弗洛格是个英雄:学会助人和自助(注音版)
  12. 弗洛格去旅行:学会接触外面的世界(注音版)

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