Read by Yourself 3B: Birthday Present

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The characteristics are distinct and its an easy and funny reader and a good choice to cultivate children's interest of reading by themselves.
First, it corresponds to preschoolers words cognitive ability. 300 basic vocabularies are chosen from the actual language environment of children and this series include 4 levels and 8 books.
Second, in each book, the interesting stories of The pleasant goat and the big big wolf are written with the basic vocabularies and in the most simple sentences, thus letting the children easily realize the wish of reading by themselves.
Third, to satisfy kids sense of accomplishment and help build their confidence in reading by themselves, the clever pleasant goat encourages the kids on each page with the color painting game and at the end of each book, the village leader the slow goat will issue the certification to the kids.
Fourth, in each story there are interactive little games to add to the interest of reading.
Thus, the kids may enjoy the whole reading process with pleasure.

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