Crazy Camela Series (10 Books)

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The series tell the adventure stories of Carmella, a hen and her son and daughter. Everyone in the Carmella family is so different from others. They have the courage to do things that others dare not imagine. The book is full of adventurous plots and French-style humors. Of course, there are also jokes that make the readers laugh. The series are hardcover books which are perfect for library collection. With these wonderful story books, students can easily have fun from independent reading.

“不一样的卡梅拉”讲的是母鸡卡梅拉和她的儿女 们卡梅利多和卡门的历险故事。卡梅拉家族里的每一个都是那样的与众不同。敢于幻想,更勇于去尝试别人不敢想的事情。书中充满了幻想、惊险的情节和法式的幽 默。当然,也不乏那些捧着肚子哈哈大笑的段子。整个故事内容极具创意,充满想象色彩,插图精美,小鸡卡梅拉和卡梅利多的形象惹人喜爱。

  1. 《我想去看海》
  2. 《我想有颗星星》
  3. 《我想有个弟弟》
  4. 《我去找回太阳》
  5. 《我爱小黑猫》
  6. 《我能打败怪兽》
  7. 《我要找到朗朗》
  8. 《我不要被吃掉》
  9. 《我好喜欢她》
  10. 《我要救出贝里奥》

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