GO! Chinese Workbook Level 100 (Simplified Chinese Character )

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The Go! Chinese Workbook supplements the Textbook; it provides exercises that are closely linked to the content of each lesson to allow students to review and solidify their understanding of the lessons learned in the classroom.

Besides traditional exercises on phonetic (pinyin), Chinese radicals, vocabulary and grammar that help students build a strong foundation in the language, the Workbook also offers students with interesting and challenging opportunities to learn Chinese language through problem-solving tasks such as cross-word puzzles, composing short conversations, and answering questions involving the interpretation of graphs or pictures.

The Workbook also provides Chinese character writing worksheets and two sets of review questions.

Table of Contents:

Lesson 1 One Two Three 一二三
Lesson 2 How Are You? 你好吗?
Lesson 3 Thank You! 谢你!
Lesson 4 What Is Your Last Name? 姓什么?
Lesson 5 What Day Is Today? 星期几?
Review 1
Lesson 6 How Many People Are There in Your Family? 几个人?
Lesson 7 How Much Is This? 多少钱?
Lesson 8 What Time Is It? 几点钟?
Lesson 9 Making A Phone Call 打电话
Lesson 10 A Good Teacher 好老师
Review 2

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