Monkey King: Uproar In Heaven (40th Anniversary Edition)

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Completed one year before the outbreak of the Cultural Revolution, the timely-titled Uproar in Heaven (1965) represents both the culmination and the final curtain call of the golden age of Chinese animation. The film was a labor of love for brothers Wan Laiming and Wan Guchan, who had created the nation's first animated feature, Princess Iron Fan, in 1941. Like that movie, Uproar in Heaven adapts a portion of the classic Ming Dynasty novel Journey to the West, but with a visual opulence that remains a high watermark of Chinese animated film-making. The Wan brothers' masterpiece took over ten years to produce and was originally shown in two parts; this 40th anniversary DVD presents the movie as the complete picture the Wans always intended it to be.

Also known by the alliterative title Havoc in Heaven, the movie tells of the origins of the Monkey King, Sun Wu Kong, and the trouble he causes at the celestial court of the Jade Emperor. After obtaining the invincible staff of Yu from the Dragon King, Monkey proclaims himself the "Great Sage Equal to Heaven," demanding obeisance from the immortal pantheon. There's no malice in Monkey's mischief, and at first the denizens of Heaven humor their new companion. But when his brazenness goes too far, the stage is set for a titanic battle between the Monkey King and the hosts of Heaven, including Nezha, Erlang, and Lao Tzu.

这是一部耳熟能详的经典故事、所有孩子童年的偶像孙悟 空、中国动画的巅峰之作。40年来动画技术岂止用突飞猛进来形容,40年来我们对电影对动画片的口味提高了何止十倍百倍,但这部40年以前的动画仍像具有 神奇的魔法一样,能将我们牢牢吸引。手绘画稿近七万张,历时近两年的呕心沥血的鸿篇巨制一面世便闪现出经典的光辉。从造型设计到人物动作,从脚本到到音 乐,每一个镜头拿到现在仍然足以与世界好的动画相比而毫不逊色,这个腰间束着虎皮裙,手舞金箍棒,神采奕奕,勇猛矫健的猴王成人们心目中永远的孙悟空形 象。

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