Let's Go Guang! Chinese for Children Vol. 1

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Ithis award-winning learning kit, Volume 1.  Meet Guang, the Chinese Dragon, join Ling and Kai while they visit their grandparents and to their delight, unexpectedly discover Guang, a fun-loving dragon.  Learn Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture through storytelling, songs, and games.  The materials in the kit reinforce and expand on the vocabulary learned in the story to give your children multiple ways to retain the language.  You and your children will learn how to properly pronounce about 50 useful everyday Mandarin Chinese words, phrases and sentences, including greetings, introductions, numbers, and much more! 

Recipient of 2010 Mom's Choice Gold Award for Educational Products, 2009 iParenting Media Award, Dr. Toy's 10 Best Educational and 100 Best Children's Products Awards

 Volume 1 Learning Kit Includes:

  •  DVDMeet Guang, the Chinese Dragon (Animated Feature), Making Dumplings (Live footage), and Mini Lessons and Songs. In English and Mandarin Chinese
  • Illustrated Hardback Book: Story of Meet Guang, the Chinese Dragon with Pinyin and English
  • Audio CD: Lively narrated story and songs
  • Flash Cards:  Game cards with simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English
  • Parents/Educator Guide:  Overview and how to best use the learning kit, Vocabulary list

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