Essentials for Overseas Chinese Education 中文串串烧

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Product Description

Essentials for Overseas Chinese Education is designed as a supplementary material for students and teachers in more advanced Chinese classes. The goal is to help students systematically review the popularly used characters, words and sentences organized under certain themes. Extended materials are also given under each theme which can be used as projects and homework. At the end of the book, a list of adverbs and conjunctions are given as reference. We also have a table of commonly used Chinese characters.



Product Features 
  •  Organized based on themes.
  •  For each theme, the characters, words and sample sentences are organized into three levels (Entry Level, Medium Level and High Level) based on the popularity. 
  •  Extended materials for each theme can be used directly as homework and in class.
  •  A table of the most commonly used Chinese characters 
  •  Summary of most popularly used adverbs and conjunctions
  •  Summary of most popularly used statement in Chinese class  

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