Games For Learning Chinese 游戏学中文

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This book represents life through games which are based on the authors’ experience of working as a Chinese language teacher in America for children (including pupils at kindergartens and primary schools). They designed 100 interesting classroom games in this book in an effort to combine “playing” with “studying”, i.e. games with learning Chinese. All the games are sorted into five categories based on their language functions, 43 of them are for word practice, 13 for sentence pattern practice, 14 for Chinese character practice, 12 for listening comprehension and 18 for integrated exercises. These exercises can satisfy different teaching needs. The intuitive and lively illustration is provided in each game for the convenience of teachers. 26 kinds of expressions in given situations are provided in the appendix to introduce the commonest things that American kids are most familiar with. 


本书总结了作者在美国教授儿童(包括幼儿园孩子和小学生)学习中文的经验,尝试把“玩”与“学”,即游戏与中文教学结合起来,设计了100个中文课 堂教学游戏,并按每个游戏的不同功能分为五类:词汇练习(43个)、句型练习(13个)、汉字练习(14个)、听力练习(12个)、综合练习(18个)。 另有附录 “情景词语”26类,介绍美国孩子最熟悉的、身边最常见的事物。

本书在游戏中再现生活,在游戏中培养孩子们对汉语的认知能力、语言智力、人际智力、动觉智力、视觉智力、逻辑智力。书中所选的100个语言游戏,每个都与 少儿的真实生活息息相关,与他们的需要、兴趣紧密相连,并且集实效性、交际性、竞争性、趣味性为一体,将汉语字、音、词、句等要素有机地融入游戏当中,在 轻松自然的环境中,达到“潜移默化”、“教学活动话、活动交际化”的教学效果。这本书也称得上是少儿汉语教学的游戏小百科。

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