Baby Pumpkin’s Picture Book for Learning (8 books)

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The Baby Pumpkin’s Picture Book for Learning is composed of series of books. Through the baby Pumpkin’s daily life, children can learn colors, numbers, antonyms, time, and daily necessities. The pictures are colorful, and the stories are interesting. It will be enjoyable for children to read these books with their parents.

The simplicity of sentences make these books perfect beginning readers for Chinese language students and bilingual students. Each book has a different theme for learning: Antonyms, Shapes, Time, Numbers, Colors, Daily Necessities, Transportation and Onomatopoeic Words. Great for studying Chinese.

1, The Amusement Park of Numbers----Learning about Numbers

ISBN 9787508349572

Baby Pumpkin comes to the amusement park of numbers, but the park is closed. There is a condition to get in the park……

 2, Laughing and Crying----Learning about antonyms

ISBN 9787508349596

Baby Pumpkin finds he has wet his bed, and he starts crying……

 3, One Day in Nannan’s Life----Learning about the Time

ISBN 9787508349527

Baby Pumpkin is so busy. He knows what time to get up, to have his breakfast, to play game……

 4, The Colorful Grove----Learning about Colors

ISBN 9787508349565

Baby Pumpkin comes to a wonderful grove, and he sees animals, trees, and fruits in different colors……

 5, Happy Birthday----Learning about Daily Necessities

ISBN 978508349558

Baby Pumpkin’s birth day is here, and he receives lots of gifts from his friends……

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