Robinson Crusoe (Pinyin)

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The hero of this novel Robinson does not adapt his father’s subject and the risk to do business oversea for three time and finally he has founded a big farm in Brazil. But this success does not stop his steps to develop more treasure. So he planed to go to Africa but on the way the ship was destroyed by the big typhoon. And Robinson was drifted to a small and unknown island. From then on he must try everything he can to survive on the island even though there is no food ,not enough water ,no friends ,but just lots of wild men. Luckily he saved one wild man in their fighting who is named “Friday” by Robinson. And Robinson taught him how to speak English and also believe in gosh. And finally Friday has become Robinson’s best friends and also servant. At last they helped one captain who is betrayed by his sailors seize back his ship and Robinson eventually went back home.

《鲁宾逊漂流记》是这套丛书中写作风格比较特殊 的一部。作者笛福以现实主义的笔触,讲述了一个年轻的水手鲁宾逊因船只失事而流落荒岛而不得不孤独求生的故事。作者以自叙的方式表现了鲁宾逊的传奇经历, 他在进退无路、悲观失望之余,开始想办法自救——做林筏、造房子、种粮食、养性畜……竭力投入到与大自然的抗争中去。最终,他靠自己的双手,凭借自己的智 慧,用了整整28年的时间把荒岛建成了一个世外桃源。


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