Set Idioms Solitaire

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Set idiom is one of the idiomatic phrases. It is the crystallization of language through the so-called long-term use. It is the language units that are larger than words and the grammatical function equals the words. Most of them are composed of four-characters.

The sources of set idioms include history stories, fables, myths or legends, and classical literature.

 Idioms Solitaire is a traditional Chinese game of words. It has a long history, also a broad social base. It is the entertainment activities for all ages of folks.

 Idioms Solitaire method

  1. The last word in the former phrase is same or sounds same with the first word in the latter one. The words are end to end extending to form a queue.
  2. In the Idiom Solitaire, the first idiom known as the leading sentence, the first word of the idiom is known as the leading characters. Meanwhile, the word of end to end performs as joints.
  3. If the several idioms solitaires combine, each theme is composed of leading characters
It collects set idioms, the sources of the set idioms, and idioms solitaires in this book. It provides a good way to learn both Chinese and Chinese culture.


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