Duck on A Bike

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Caldecott Honor winner David Shannon applies his wonderful off-beat humor to the story of a duck who decides to try riding a bike--and loves it! Another young, funny book perfect for reading aloud.

One day down on the farm, Duck got a wild idea. "I bet I could ride a bike," he thought. He waddled over to where the boy parked his bike, climbed on and began to ride. At first he rode slowly and he wobbled a lot, but it was fun! Duck rode past Cow and waved to her. "Hello, Cow!" said Duck. "Moo," said Cow. But what she thought was, "A duck on a bike? That's the silliest thing I've ever seen!"

And so Duck rides past sheep, horse, and all the other barnyard animals. Suddenly, a group of kids ride by on their bikes and run into the farmhouse, leaving the bikes outside. Now ALL the animals can ride bikes, just like Duck!

《鸭子骑车记》内容简介:鸭子骑车?这可真是个疯狂的想法!但有一只鸭子真的办到了!农场里的马、牛、羊、鸡、狗、老鼠……对鸭子骑车这件事有什么看法 呢?在一个平平常常的下午,动物们干了一件很不平凡的事情……作者通过这个让人兴奋又愉悦的故事,生动地描绘出孩子勇于探险的心理特征,让孩子读后产生极 大的满足感。书中各种动物的语言和表情都十分传神,和孩子一起朗读,会让孩子兴致勃勃地融入其中。而大胆的笔触和鲜艳的色彩,既吸引孩子的目光,更深入孩 子的心灵,让他们萌发大胆尝试的勇气。 


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