Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus

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2-A brilliantly simple book that is absolutely true to life, as anyone who interacts with an obdurate three-year-old can attest. The bus driver has to leave for a while, and he makes one request of readers: "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus." It's the height of common sense, but the driver clearly knows this determined pigeon and readers do not-yet. "Hey, can I drive the bus?" asks the bird, at first all sweet reason, and then, having clearly been told no by readers, he begins his ever-escalating, increasingly silly bargaining. "I tell you what: I'll just steer," and "I never get to do anything," then "No fair! I bet your mom would let me." In a wonderfully expressive spread, the pigeon finally loses it, and, feathers flying and eyeballs popping, screams "LET ME DRIVE THE BUS!!!" in huge, scratchy, black-and-yellow capital letters. The driver returns, and the pigeon leaves in a funk-until he spies a huge tractor trailer, and dares to dream again.

一看书名就能引起读者强烈的好奇:为什么鸽子要开巴士?为什么不让鸽子开巴士?为什么是鸽子?这到底是一本怎样的书呀!趣味的创意构图,柔和的温暖色调, 再加上小鸽子俏皮的耍赖个性,让你不自觉要对他大声喊出“不行!”巴士司机临时有事,离开前特别嘱咐读者,千万“别让鸽子开巴士!”可是鸽子使出百般伎 俩:苦苦哀求、撒个小谎、拍马屁、套近乎、耍赖……千方百计想坐上驾驶座,你会同意让鸽子开巴士吗?

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