Something from Nothing

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The is a easy reader book. Joseph runs to his grandfather with his favorite blanket. Grandpa can fix anything. From the tattered blanket, Grandpa makes a handsome jacket. With a few passes of his needle, a vest becomes a Sabbath tie. And snip! Snip! A ragged handkerchief turns into a brand-new button. But when the button is lost, what's to be done? Even Grandpa can't make something from nothing!


   荣获加拿大罗斯堤先生书奖、露丝·史瓦兹奖及维琪·麦卡夫奖的《爷爷一定有办法》,原本是一个流传已久的民间故事,作者用重复而富节奏的文字来重述,既 温馨又朗朗上口。图画则细腻地描绘出充满浓厚人情味的小镇约瑟的家庭,不管是人们丰富的表情、家具、物品,都非常的生动、传神。画面下方的老鼠家庭更带来 额外的阅读乐趣。


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