The Snowman

Tomorrow Publishing House


For some reason, Briggs has added words to his immortal wordless picture book about a small boy's nocturnal adventures with an all-too-mortal snowman. The result, to say the least, is disappointing. It features fewer pictures described in simple declarative sentences that relate the action but lose the potency of the narrative. Further, the story has been trimmed, and incidents adding texture to the original have been lost. Much of the snowman's characterization is gone; his gentle meeting with a cat has been cut, as have his telling fear of a lighted stove, his wonderment at the TV, and his bemusement at a pair of false teeth. All of his slapstick adventures with James's toys are gone; half of the flying journey has been eliminated. The bittersweet ending remains as Briggs allows James to make his discovery of his melted friend without comment, but much of its resonance is missing with the lost pictures. What is left is a simple, rather ordinary story of an adventure with a flying snowman suitable for preschoolers who might well have waited a bit longer until they were old enough to enjoy James's magical interlude in its fullest glory.

少 年请雪人来家里坐客,这让这个冰冷的巨人非常兴奋,它看了猫、看了电视、试着开了开灯、把厨房的纸巾全都扯了出来,它喜欢大嚼冰块,但它怕火。少年“嘘” 了一声,轻手轻脚地把它领上楼,带进爸爸妈妈的卧室,让它看熟睡的爸爸妈妈。它盯着爸爸浸在杯子里的假牙看了半天,还戴上妈妈那顶缀着一朵紫花的宽檐帽, 系上爸爸的领带,戴上爸爸的眼镜,穿上爸爸那条系不上扣子的裤子,照起了镜子。然后,少年和雪人在楼下共进了一顿丰盛的烛光晚餐。

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