Diary of a Worm

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A baseball-capped crawler gives readers an episodic glimpse into the vicissitudes of his life in these hilarious diary entries. Difficulties such as having no arms, having a head that looks a lot like your rear end, and facing the dangers imposed by people digging for bait are balanced by a loving family and good friends. The young protagonist describes playing with his friend Spider, engaging in a variety of activities at school, and interacting with his parents and sister. Packed into these droll slice-of-worm-life vignettes are a few facts about earthworms and their behavior, all rendered with a dry sense of humor. The full-color watercolor-and-ink illustrations sprawl across the pages in lush earth tones. Bliss's cartoons give the worms lots of personality without overly anthropomorphizing them. The use of multiple perspectives will have children eagerly looking at the pictures to identify objects and locales. Primary-grade youngsters will especially appreciate the classroom scenes. This quirky worm's-eye view of the world makes these ubiquitous invertebrates a little more understandable and a lot more fun.

这是一本极为有趣的图画书,以日记书写的方式, 记录和表达了小蚯蚓的观察及思考。从小蚯蚓的观点看世界,纪录了学校、家庭和朋友之间的生活点滴,还有对自我、未来的想法,很能得到孩子认同。同时也在幽 默诙谐的语调中,传达有关不同生物和地球的相关知识。帮助孩子培养乐观、正向的态度,及多元思考的习惯。

  ☆《纽约时报》畅销图书榜(New York Times Bestseller)
  ☆亚马逊网上书店2003年畅销图书榜(An Amazon.com Best Book of 2003)
  ☆《洛杉矶时报》畅销图书榜(Los Angeles Times Bestseller)
  ☆2004年度“图书感觉”奖(美国书商协会推荐)最终提名(Book Sense Book of the Year 2004 Finalist)
  ☆2003年《学校图书馆》杂志最佳图书(School Library Journal Best Book of 2003)

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