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With a cheerful chimp nearly as sweet as Curious George and a text of only three words, Alborough (It's the Bear!; Where's My Teddy?) celebrates the pleasure of giving and receiving good hugs, as well as the joy inherent in finding just the right word. "HUG," says a tiny chimp as he watches two lizards embrace and two pythons entwine. "HUG," he explains to a mother elephant and her baby who notice the chimp's forlorn expression. They decide to help him find what he's looking for and ride past an affectionate lion family, two giraffes and two hippos. But the disappointed chimp simply dissolves into tearsDto the consternation of all the jungle animals. Suddenly the chimp's mother appears. "BOBO," she shouts; "MUMMY," answers the chimp, and readers quickly realize that it's not just a hug the chimp wants, but a hug from his very own mother. Like a wordless book, the story unfolds through a series of expressive pictures rather than language. Alborough makes clear the chimp's distress as he tries to communicate with only the repeated word "HUG," and the elation the animals gain from their shared affection. Ages 2-up.

 这是一本几近无字的图画书。小猩猩Bobo一 路上看到相亲相爱的各种动物,大家热切地抱在一起,表达对彼此无尽浓烈的爱。只有小猩猩,一路上与妈妈走失了,妈妈在哪里,好希望有人抱抱他哦!好心的大 象妈妈背起了他四处寻找妈妈,找着找着,树上传来了小黑猩猩熟悉的“宝宝”声,是妈妈的叫声!小黑猩猩大叫着“妈妈”,向妈妈扑去,黑猩猩母子闭着的双眼 和幸福的神情温柔着每一颗心。

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