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She was a perfect baby, and her doting parents chose a name to match, Chrysanthemum. She is proud of her musical name until kindergarten, when she finds herself in a world of strange new names such as Sue, Bill, Max, Sam, and Joe--in short ( really short) a world of ordinary monikers. That wouldn't be so bad if the others--like Victoria--hadn't made a mean-spirited game of tormenting her, sending her home in tears to be comforted with cuddles and Parcheesi. Wisely, Chrysanthemum's concerned and loving parents try not to interfere, but what can't be put right by them is dealt with by lucky chance. The class learns that their popular music teacher not only has a whopper of a name herself--Delphinium--but also plans to name her expected baby by the prettiest name she has heard, Chrysanthemum. The charming mouse with her delicate little face seems just right for her name. The range of expression and emotion Henkes conveys in his pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations are "absolutely perfect." The impressionistic floral backdrops and patterning reinforce the story's lighthearted, yet tender theme. This sensitive story will strike a chord with young children, particularly those who also have difficult or unfamiliar names.

   克丽桑丝美美这个名字太长,又是个花的名字,所以老是被嘲笑;她好难过、好难过,甚至觉得自己的名字糟透了。还好经过父母安慰与音乐老师的大大肯定,克 丽桑丝美美才又开心的接纳自己的与众不同。本书以老鼠为主角,作者透过这些拟人化的老鼠去描绘小孩子在家庭、学校的生活情境,对于捕捉小孩子的内在情绪, 深刻而动人,而对于孩子成长过程中,父母、老师所扮演的角色,更提供深切的思考与反省。

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