Bus Stops

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PreSchool-Grade 2 Simple full-color, double-page illustrations couple with a straightforward text to chronicle the daily travel of a bus and its many different riders. Children will easily recognize the people and places, which range from a stop at an old church where two sightseers get off to a baseball field where ten players jog off. A "subtext" invites readers to find another unrelated person or object in each illustration. Clean shapes, effective use of negative space, and minimal text create an appealing, open format. The book lends itself to sharing with individuals or in small groups to stimulate discussion. It may also serve to introduce a variety of concepts such as travel by bus, counting, and different activities that people enjoy.


   一位色彩魔术师——五味太郎,用非常鲜艳美丽的色彩,规划了巴士的路线:从海边、山边、小区、新市镇、大都会、游乐场、运动场、医院、市场、垃圾场、制 片场……到停车场。透过色彩,不仅将不同停靠站所代表的生活气氛表露无遗,也透露了巴士服务的各种人的职业,以及服务时间。最重要的,缤纷的色彩也让巴士 每天的行程变得非常愉快。小朋友,你来看一下,巴士都到了什么地方呢?下来的人们又都是什么职业的呢?想不想跟着爸爸妈妈一起去乘巴士,然后把《巴士到站 了》的故事说给他们听呢?

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