Billy and the Big New School

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PreSchool-Grade 1-Nervous about starting school, Billy spends time talking to the birds that gather around the feeder in his yard. There he finds the "smallest, grubbiest, weediest, most dusty" sparrow and nurses it back to health. Before going to school, he releases it, saying, "You have to learn to take care of yourself-just like me." That day he makes a friend, tells his classmates about the bird, and ends up with the biggest smile around. The story finishes on an optimistic note for both the boy and the bird. The artwork is done in Catherine Anholt's familiar style-watercolor-and-ink cartoons featuring full, rounded, mostly smiling faces. The illustrations show Billy's drawings, school supplies, classroom surroundings, and finally, the boy's friends. This is a good book to dissipate children's fears about starting school and to show that the classroom can be just as enjoyable as home.

我们和小阿力的妈妈一样,应该为孩子准备的,都 会准备好;但是,应该站在孩子的心思里,为他们想一想,的确总容易缺掉。这其实很难怪罪,我们早已经是成年人,还怎么时时刻刻都有童年的角度呢?我们不怪 罪成年人,不批评父母,我们只是一起来多读读这样的书,那么我们就不会总是容易缺掉了……

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