A New Year's Reunion 团圆

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MaoMao's dad builds great big buildings in faraway places and only gets a chance to come home once a year, which fortunately is the Chinese New Year. This is a special occasion for all Chinese families, especially for MaoMao's. They must squeeze in a whole year's worth of love and affection in these most beloved Chinese holidays. This is a touching story for children ages three and up.

《团圆》是一部将民族传统文化、现代生活内 涵、儿童心理情感恰切而有机地融為一体,具有人情味、历史感、艺术美的感人作品。其文字故事自然素,没有夸饰的言辞,没有过剩的意绪,主题意蕴含而不露, 情感表达酽而不烈,结构安排疏而不漏,既為绘画提供了坚实的展开基础,也给绘者留下了广阔的创意空间。

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