Heartwarming Stories (DVD)

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Created by child expert, Dr. Brij Kothari, BookBox Stories come alive and helps children improve reading skills at the same time. Using scientifically tested SLS (same language subtitling), children will be able to improve their listening comprehension, reading skill and foreign language skills through fun enchanting holiday stories and stories around the world. A portion of the proceeds is to support literacy for billions through PlanetRead, a non-profit organization. Each DVD features 3 stories. Approximately 30 minutes.
Heart Warming Stories include:
  • The Greatest Treasure
  • Tucket the Bucket
  • The Little Pianist

    Three Ways to Learn:
  • Read to Me/Karaoke
  • Let me Read
  • Listening Comprehension

    Language: English; Mandarin
    Simplified Chinese
    1 (This DVD can play on any DVD player sold in the US or Canada)

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