Feilong: the China Game

Mamopalire of Vermont, Inc.


Feilong (pronounced fay-loong), which translates to "flying dragon," is a question-based game designed for players with limited, intermediate, as well as extensive knowledge of China. Its three decks of question cards are arranged in three levels of difficulty. Players with a very limited or a Beginner's level of knowledge play the game with Deck A; Intermediates with Decks A & B; and, Experts with Decks A, B & C. The game's goal is to stimulate curiosity and encourage all players to eventually "graduate" to playing Feilong with all three decks. It is apropos for every person interested in China and, especially, for Chinese-Americans looking for a fun way to review and expand what they know about their cultural heritage.

20" x 20" quad-fold Game Board, 1,200 Game Questions arranged in three decks of cards, Rules Folder (which includes a brief beginner's pronunciation guide for Mandarin), Score Pad, eight dragon pawns and 1 standard die. For 2 to 8 players or teams. Age Group: 12 to Adult.

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