Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Activity Book

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Celebrating Chinese New Year is a fun-filled craft, activity and resource book for the Chinese New Year. In addition to basic facts and history of the Chinese New Year, you can make a dragon parade, a paper lantern, and red lucky envelopes following simple directions and examples in this activity book. You will also have fun learning about your Chinese Zodiac signs. This classroom tested copy-ready activity book is an excellent resource for parents and teachers with children ages 5 to 10. A must for celebrating Chinese New Year!

About the Author

Hingman Chan, a prolific creator of multicultural educational resources has compiled an easy-to-use and follow activities which can be done at home and at schools. "Over the years, I have attended many school celebrations and have led activities for children. This book is my collection of these activities which has worked well and enjoyed by children in those sessions. All the activities have also been reviewed by other teachers as well. I wanted to share my knowledge of Chinese culture," said Ms. Chan, who was born in Hong Kong and currently resides in the San Francisco area with her two children and husband.

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