Chinese 100 Characters Card, New Concept Series Volume 3

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The special feature for the "New concept" series is that the common words depicted in each picture on the cards are thematically linked by group, such as food, clothing, animals, parts of the body, etc. or by the Chinese radical contained in each character.  Students learn quickly by association.

Each volume contains 100 different cards and are based on the most commonly used words.  The color picture on each card draws a visual connection between the Chinese character, the English meaning, and includes pinyin with tone marks.  The back of the card shows stroke order for writing the character. 

Proper pronunciation of each card is easily available at 

The size of each card is 4 1/4" x 5 3/4" is a little larger that standard flash cards, which makes it easier for a teacher to use them in a classroom. 

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