Chinese Character Poster Pack (10 Posters)



The 10 posters in this set will introduce basic vocabulary to children in an easy to absorb format. With bright images, pinyin and characters, teachers can be confident that hanging these in their classrooms will aid student's learning and brighten the classroom.

These ten posters are:

  1. Sports 运动

  2. Family 家庭

  3. Occupations 职业

  4. Countries 国家及地区

  5. Food 1 饮食1

  6. Food 2 饮食2

  7. Hobbies 爱好

  8. Animals 动物

  9. Seasons and Weather 季节与天气

  10. Transportation 交通

Each word is illustrated with a colorful picture above the Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin. Price is for a set of ten posters.

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