Chinese Treasure Chest Volume 2 (Simplified Character Edition)

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The is the second and final part of the two-volume Chinese Treasure Chest collection of ready-to-use games, songs, craft projects, delightfully illustrated student worksheets and teacher-directed activities designed for elementary students of Chinese as a foreign language. 

The activities are designed around themes in the elementary curriculum and organized into 12 monthly sections to fit the school year.   Volume 2 contains activites for January through August.  Themes include Fruits, Chinese Food, Hobbies, Sports, Animals, Insects, Public Places, Vacations, and more.   Also included are seasonal activities to help students celebrate and talk about special events and holidays of each month (e.g. Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Dragon Boat Festival)

In this imaginative resource, you will find multi-leveled lessons and a broad variety of activities that facilitate differentiated instruction to accommodate students with different levels of Chinese, learning styles and intelligences; they not only help students to learn more effectively, but allow them to enjoy the process and develop sustained interest in learning Chinese.

Each section begins with teacher notes that states the learning objectives and difficulty level of each activity, and offers suggestions on how to implement an activity to get the best results.

Chinese Treasure Chest is a joint effort of three experienced Chinese teachers, and encapsulates their years of teaching experience and innovative approaches to teaching young children. It will make the classroom experience more fun, more enriching and more rewarding for teachers and students alike!

Presented in Simplified Character, Pinyin and English.  Ages 5+.

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