Sprout Readers - Science and the Environment (5 books)

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Reading is a most basic activity of language learning. In this Sprout Series of Readers, children aged 6—10 are treated to 19 beautifully illustrated,  wonderfully written stories that will expose them to the world of Chinese language in a natural and engaging way.

The vocabulary in this series is carefully controlled to ensure that children are challenged but not intimidated. Pinyin and English annotations at the back of each book provide additional learning support.

The Sprout Series uses a total of 980 characters, of which 552 characters cover 70% of the Level A characters in the National Syllabus of Graded Words and Characters for Chinese Proficiency (HSK 基础汉字;甲级字). 496 out of these 980 characters cover 83% of the Singapore Ministry of Education Primary 1-4 Chinese Character List(中小学华文字表;表一). This means that while children are enjoying the stories, they are learning the most important characters that form the vocabulary foundation of the Chinese language.

Audio recording and teachers/parents resources can be downloaded here.

This bundle set comprises 5 titles:

1, Yao Gun Qing Wa 摇滚青蛙
2, Hui Zou Lu De Shu 会走路的树
3, Bian Jie 边界
4, Di Qiu De Hu Xi 地球的呼吸
5, Zhang Da Shi Zen Me Yi Hui Shi 长大是怎么一回事


  • Pre– and post-reading activities designed to enhance learning
  • Read Aloud section with full pinyin annotation for reading practice
  • Keyword list with English explanations and pinyin
  • Good balance of traditional/cultural topics and modern day issues such as the environment and city life
  • 19 titles in 4 themes: Family & Community, Exploration & Adventure, Science & the Environment, Nursery Rhymes

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