Monkey King Audio Book (6 CDs)

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Monkey King, or known to the Chinese old and young as Xi You Ji (Journey to the West), is one of the renowned classical Chinese novels dated back some four hundred years ago, the other three being Shui Hu (The Water Margins), Hong Lou Meng (Dream of the Red Mansion), and San Guo (Romance of Three Kingdoms).

Monkey King is based on a true story of a famous monk, Xuan Zang of the Chinese Tang Dynasty (602-664). After a decade of trials and tribulations, he arrived on foot to what is today India, the birthplace of Buddhism. He was there for the true Buddhist holy books. When he returned, Xuan Zang translated the Sutras into Chinese, thus making a great contribution to the development of Buddhism in China.

Monkey King is an allegorical rendition of the journey, mingled with Chinese fables, fairy tales, legends, superstitions, popular beliefs, monster stories, and whatever the author could find in the Taoist, Buddhist, and Chinese popular religions. While average readers are fascinated with the prowess and wisdom of the Monkey King, many reviewers agree that the protagonist embodies what the author tried to convey to his readers: a rebellious spirit against the then untouchable feudal rulers.

The monkey is indeed rebellious. He was, according to the story, born out of a rock, fertilized by the grace of Heaven and Earth. Being extremely intelligent, he has learned all the magic tricks and gongfu from an immortal Taoist master. Now he can transform himself into seventy-two different images such as a tree, a bird, a beast of prey, or an insect that can sneak into an enemy's body to fight him or her inside out. Using clouds as a vehicle, he can travel 108,000 miles at a single somersault.

Box set of 6 Discs for Children featuring the Tales of Monkey King.

These CDs can be played at home, in the car, or by a portable CD player, making them a wonderful tool to learn Chinese language and culture.

由人称“故事爷爷”的孙敬修老先生播讲的四大名 著之一《西游记》全集,语言通俗易懂、自然亲切、形象生动。故事从“石猴出世”讲起,一直到唐僧师徒四人取得真经返回大唐,精彩片断贯穿始终。孙敬修老先 生的播讲诙谐有趣、维妙维肖、栩栩如生,孩子们在得到乐趣的同时还能吸收古典名著的精华。这套全集不仅可以让孩子们轻松娱乐,而且还可以作为一套孩子们珍 藏童年美好回忆的“声音书籍”。

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